Sunday, June 14, 2015

A Load Lifted

Hi there dear knitting friends.
I feel like a HUGE load was lifted off of my knitting shoulders
today - size 13 socks FINISHED !  yahoo, yippee....

Joe is  modeling. There is about 2" of room in the toe on his foot.
It's hard to see the pattern. Mock cable going up side of each
leg.  Size 1.5 needles. Hawthorne Yarn from Knitpicks. 

I really like this yarn..a lot! There is probably enough for a footie for me
or  Tiffany.

Since I worked exclusively on these socks all week - did not cheat
one stitch on anything else, I don't have much else to show.

I was able to work on the little socks Hermonie's Everyday socks
from Martha's yarn last night and this morning.
A fun knit.

Tiffany's friend Amber is having a little boy in November, so I'm going to
make her a baby surprise jacket.  I thought of a different pattern, but for
some reason settled on this one. 

I think I'm going to make it green with blue collar and cuffs and maybe
a blue and white stripe or two.

Ruth finished up one sock and has a great start on the 2nd one:
On Line yarn, cottage color.  K7, P1 pattern

Martha is almost done with her Henley sweater!
She delivered her striped sweater and hat to the other new mom
and she loved it!  Though there could be NO doubt that she would.

It's raining...again. 
Abbey wants to go outside so my house will smell like wet
Mickey wants me to make a lap and knit so he can crawl
up there but I told him I had a few things to do first....
That's all folks !

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