Sunday, June 21, 2015

It's like lacy underwear

you know it's there, but no one else does.
That's the same with socks...isn't it?
We spend hours upon hours creating intricate patterns,
and who really sees it?  It's just the thought of knowing its there
and that someone spent that time for you, just you.

I finished the Hermonie's Everyday - sock #1.
Yarn Hachito from Martha.  Very easy pattern to
memorize. I like it a lot.
 Started the 2nd one right away so I could have some brainless
knitting going  on..
Makes great porch knitting!

I also have a pretty good start on the Baby Surprise Jacket.
Yarn is Plymouth Select - Superwash
Have not had a lot of  knitting time this week. Trying to  incorporate
walks into my evening. 

Ruth finished up her OnLine nice!
K7, P1 pattern.

She is starting the 2nd front of her Amy  Herzog sweater in
Lion Brand yarn:

Martha finished up the baby Henley and will have the hat done
Tiffany is back in knitting news for a few weeks.
She is making a baby blanket for her friend Amber
who is having a little boy in November. 

The yarn is so thick, she thought it looked best in
garter stitch.  Very soft. Bernat Blanket yarn.

Even though it's summer, I think about knitting - a lot!
I guess that's normal, though....LOL

In other news, Joe and Joey went fishing for
father's day yesterday.

These are some of the bigger ones. They caught a lot!
Bass and perch and one walleye.

The family came for dinner for  father's day.
I made pulled pork and Joe grilled  chicken.
Everyone had a good time. Nice and relaxing.

Have a great week!

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