Sunday, June 28, 2015

One for now, and one for later....

So, I'm happy to write that I finished up the Baby Surprise Sweater
today.  Though not a lot of knitting time this week, it is a fairly
quick knit.

 Yarn is Plymouth Merino Select.
Needles size 7
Everytime I do one I learn something new, like I never paid
attention to the other ones I did that you are supposed to
cast of in PURL...looks great!  (but a pita)
 I guesstimate the size to be about a 2
Jake (the dad) is a motorhead...loves cars and motorcycles.
I could not find bike the car will have to do..

 Amber and Jake are little people (Amber size 0) I bet
their kid will be little too....

 So I'm thinking of making this for later, and making something
for now...(November) that she and little boy can use for
the first month or so....We'll see...I'm thinking a Kimono..quick!
Here is the start I have on the hat to go with the sweater...

 Little progress on the 2nd sock this week..but I don't care
it's for long as it's done by 3rd week in October....
Ruth started the Through The Loops Mystery Shawl
this week.  She has a great start, as each clue is minimal.
She is using Knit Picks Hawthorne yarn, Forest Park color

Martha is working on the Lilli Pilli wrap. I hope to make one
soon. Such a nice pattern....and so versitile!
She is also working on a sock from Knitty

Mackintosh water color yarn...nice.

I have a true, very cute story to tell you...

Joe has a new guy that started working with him this past Monday.
First question Joe always asks is "do you fish"...lord help you if
the answer is NO...LOL, anyway this kid had the right answer and
said YES.  So Joe being Joe hops on the work computer and brings
up this blog to show him all of the fish he has
caught..... (sidenote: Joe is the best husband a knitter could have....
brags about my knitting all of the time and points out Ruth and Martha's
too)....anyway..they are looking thru the blog and he is going back
to older posts (probably back years) and he is showing this dude
 the fish pictures...and you know what Jason says?/?????
Wait for it.................
Jason says.."who does all of that knitting? it's must
take a lonnnnggggg time!"  I think at that point Joe said it was
time to get back to work!!!!!!

Joe made ribs tonight...DeLISH!

Note:  I'm not sure if there will be a blog post next week or not...
if not, definitely the week after,.
Have a wonderful July 4th holiday - STAY SAFE !!!


martha said...

That story is priceless! That new guy is a keeper. Are you inviting him over to dinner making friends right quick? Lol

martha said...

Oh, btw your sweater is VERY CUTE? The colors look great. Nice job.. πŸ‘ΆπŸ»πŸ˜€