Sunday, July 12, 2015

Summering along

Not much to share this week. 
I finished up the socks made from
Martha's gift yarn.
Hermonie's everyday sock pattern.

 And blocked them.  Nice yarn and pattern combo.
I used a red reinforcement thread for the double stitch heel.
Toe up.  You can see a little pooling on the sock on the left.

 With these done, I had nothing "brainless" to work on.
I was killing time looking thru Ravelry and came across
the LA PLAYA shawlette pattern. I was drawn to the colors
first, I think.  The the way it draped.  She used Quince & Co.
sparrow 100% linen yarn.  I remembered that Martha had gifted
me some linen yarn a while ago for dish rags which I never made.
to make the shawlette size, I needed 200 yards of main color
and 100 of contracting color.  The yarn Martha gave me was
FibraNature Flax - 100% Linen.  To make a long story short,
a quick look at Ebay and $6.80 later, I had enough for the
shawlette. I chose tourquoise as main color and navy as cc.

I like the look of the star lace design, but didn't like knitting it.
The yarn is very splitty.
It feels like twine in my fingers, but it promises to soften up
once washed. It needs a good blocking. See how the right edge
is diagnal.  Decrease one stitch every right side row, down to 3 stitches,
so I have a ways to go.

This week I also worked on the Seamless Baby kimono
I have the body done.  Worked in stockinette rather than
garter, but I did put a garter edge on it.  It will really need
a good blocking to look good. Reminder yarn is tencel sock

I'm working on the first sleeve

This is taking much longer than I anticipated. ugh!

Ruth is working along on her TTL mystery shawl.
She eliminated clue 4 and is doing one color.
It is turning out lovely!

In other news, the little kids are hot hot hot
I changed the sheets in Abbey's bed, and Mickey the little brat, crawled
right in there like he always does.  Oh well, who doesn't like
clean sheets.  Let's hope Abbey gets to find out!

This week's fishing report:
Joe caught more Walleye.  Not sure how much longer the run will
He is doing great this year.
Have a great week...enjoy the summer weather~!

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