Sunday, July 26, 2015

Summering Along, Part 3

I sound like a broken record, but not much knitting this week.
Walking, swimming, fishing, etc, 
I managed to finish La Playa. See the blue string in the picture...
that is where I had to start the 2nd ball of yarn....

See how much yarn is left?  I probably could have made the next size up...
disappointed! but I followed the yardage directions on the pattern.
Still enough to make dishcloths!

I thought it looked so pretty soaking
Got it blocked today....
Still just a little damp
I will model it next week...once I figure out how I will wear it.
It's going to be in the 90's this week, so too hot for a shawlette.

Still working on the 2nd sleeve of the baby kimono

Remember this sweater I started a long time ago?
Rhinia....I have made peace with the fact that I am going to rip
it out and start over.
I modified the pattern quite a bit but made the collar too short.
I want it long enough to fold over.  damn!
I have also made peace with the fact that it probably won't be ready
for  Rhinebeck.  sigh

I started a brainless sock for mom - Opal yarn.

Note the pattern. 
Row 1  K3, slip 1
Row 2  Knit

Ruth is working on Hermonie's everyday socks.
She got this far at beginning of week and ripped
out due to pooling.  Cherry Tree Hill yarn.

Martha was on vacation this week and has started her 2nd
sock.  (see last week's post for her 1st sock).

Joe and I went fishing yesterday and caught one fish
that did not get photoed. It was a hard day.

That's all folks!

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