Sunday, July 5, 2015

Fishing 101: The Difference Between Perch Knitting, and Walleye Knitting

Joe and I went fishing Friday/Saturday for the holiday.
I went boating, but ended up fishing. Friday we only
caught one fish.  We fished for Walleye in the morning,
and Perch in the afternoon.

This is Walleye Knitting:

Hermonie's Every Day  Socks. This is sock 2     - brainless.
I should be able to finish it up this week.
When we Walleye  Fish, I have to be able to throw the
knitting down at a moment's notice.  Joe has 4 rods
going at once. I help watch for bites, grab the net,
steer the boat. It can be exhausting!  LOL.  I worked hard
to turn the heel on this before we went so that part was done.

This is Perch Knitting:
Business Casual Socks. Free on Ravelry.
Every row has 4 cable stitches (I use a toothpick) and
takes a lot of concentration.  When we perch fish, I don't have to
do anything. Sometimes drive the boat but that's all...very low

I love the colors of this yarn
 I worked hard before we went to get the 3" ribbing done so I didn't
have to drag both colors with me.  The blue is Knitpicks stoll...lovely
yarn. Nice a squishy

 The pinky bluey minty yarn is from  Indy Dyer, I've had
in stash for a long time. These socks are for Joey's girlfriend.
She saw socks with this pattern over the winter and told me how
much she liked them.  It took a couple of trys to get the color
combo just right with the pattern. She is size 10 so I usually have
to us two yarns for her to make it stretch.

I started a baby kimono this week also. Using Ellen's
Half Pink Tencel yarn.  Not sure if I will give this or save
it for another little boy. 
I chose to do it in stockinette rather than garter.
The garter was not as soft....I might try to make it a little
bigger than the intended size.

Also this week, I made a little car hat to go with the baby
sweater last week with car buttons. I still have to block
both of them.  

Wow, it's amazing how much knitting I get done with a few extra
days off!

Ruth and Martha have been busy also.

Ruth is working on Clue  4 of Through the Loops Mystery Shawl.

So pretty. Final clue comes out tomorrow.....

Martha is working on a sock that was on Knitty.
Angular Velocity pattern.
Madelinetosh yarn. So pretty!

This is the big fish Joe caught.
9 lb Walleye

 This is the big catch on Saturday.
(he's laughing because he has a funny wife !)

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