Sunday, September 20, 2015

This and that

Well this weekend was sure nice here in Western NY.  I have a good start
on a new sock. Tesserae Pattern, which I've done a few times before.
It is basically ribbing.  My favorite...NOT... but I like the effect.

Yarn is Lorna Laces  80% Merino / 20 % nylon.

I have a thing for different colored heels and/or toes lately.

When I did this heel, I left a long string and worked back thru
the purl stitches on the inside of the  heel.  usually I do this
when I'm all done...I can't believe I thought of it now.  LOL

Ruth and I went to the Finger Lakes Fiber Fest yesterday.
It was nice. they added a nice new bldg, so some of the vendors
were inside now, and the aisles were larger.
I got this nice sunny yellow yarn for the Through The Loops
Mystery Sock this winter. I always use this yarn. It is so soft.
70% merino/30% nylon.  At 5.50 a skein you can't go wrong!

And some other merino for a shawl at some point.

Ruth finished up her first sock, and I'm so sorry but don't have
details. I know she sent some point. I even looked back
thru older posts and could not find info. It is a different heel.
I think it looks really nice, don't you!  I love the stripes!

Martha is working away on her Lilli Pilli shawl.  She was a little
hesitant about using the varigated yarn, but now that she's further
along she likes it. I like it too!  She is going to do a little more lace
than the pattern calls for to use up the yarn.

I have some yarn selected for my Lilli Pilli, but I'm going to make scarf size
I think.

In other news...well there is not much to report.
Our friend George went goose hunting today and caught
quite a few.  He gave them ALL to Joe to clean and cook and
Have a great week!

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