Sunday, October 11, 2015

Feeling Blue

 I'm feeling rather blue today....
Finished up Betty's blue socks this weekend.
 Notice the stripey toes...kinda cute I guess.

 Pattern is Tesserae, which I have used a few times before.
Lorna's Laces sock yarn, blue tones.
Have had it in my stash for a long long time.

Started a sock for my sister in law for Christmas
Shur'tugal pattern

Yarn is Fiber Optics. I love this yarn, and have never
made a sock for myself with it. That will change, soon, I hope.
I want to get some more at Rhinebeck next weekend.
Color is blue....
I'm liking it a lot.  The pattern is not intuitive, and I
really cannot read my knitting too much. So I have to
pay attention.
The left leaning and right leaning stitches are something
new to me - a new method.
It gives the pattern a nice texture.
Sorry I could not flip this the right way...sigh

Martha is zooming along with her Lili Pilli shawl. She
wanted to have it done, but she did lesson plans instead
so she can just relax the whole time we are at Rhinebeck next

Ruth is away this weekend.

Joe and I went fishing and it was a beautifully, blue day.
Not much color in the leaves, which is unusual for October 11th.

We were at Irondequoit Bay, off of Lake Ontario, NY

Joe had two hooks on his line so most of the time he caught
two perch at once.

This was a monster!
We fished in front of this pretty blue house all day.
No one was home.
I caught about 8 fish or so...not many compared to Joe.
I was knitting, and just enjoying the beautifulness of the day.
This is his (our) final catch

Ruth, Martha and I will be at Rhinebeck next weekend so no
post...Have a wonderful two weeks, dear knitters.

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