Sunday, October 4, 2015

Reunited and it feesl so good

Reunited and it feels so good
Remember that song from the 80's...

 That song was going thru my head when I
put on Mrs Garter this weekend.  Some ladies were
standing behind me in a store and asked If I made it
and said how nice it was.  My head swelled so big
I could hardly get it out of the store!
This is a weeping cheery tree Joe just planted
where we took some shrubs out.

 Just turned the heel on the 2nd sock....I should hopefully be able to
zip down the foot this week. I have not been knitting as much after
work - trying to get a walk in at night.

 Here are my color choices for Lilli Pilli shawl
(which Im making scarf size...)
Probably enough yarn here for two.
Madelinetosh...the blue is actually a nice green color...

 Ruth is done knitting her sweater and just has to
put the pieces together..she is unexpectedly traveling
this weekend. Here is a picture of her current sock:
Briar Rose sock blank...pattern is her own design.
the colors are beautiful!

Martha is working away on her Lilli Pilli wrap.
She is hoping to get done by Rhinebeck. She has not been
knitting much after work either.  She is not thrilled with
knitting the garter stitch section....I think its lovely

I can see how it would get tiresome knitting (I will find out when I
start mine!) but I like the effect....

Since my knitting is so dull I'll share weekend cooking..

Veggie pizza on Wegman's wheat crust
It was very good. Onions, orange peppers, broccoli,
tomatoes and fresh basil. I like that I can control the amount
of cheese, so it's not so fattening.
Of course I made one for Joe that was extra cheese and
extra pepperoni!

Today I have made sausage soup

that I think will go great with the soup.

I have to thoughtfully think of what I will bring
to Rhinebeck to knit.  Needs to be kind of brainless.
Martha always brings complex patterns and has no trouble
knitting/talking..I'm not that talented!

Till next week....

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martha said...

Yum I'll be right over for dinner. Fight you for that pizza! I really like your socks, and the woman lusting for your sweater was right, it looks great! 😃