Sunday, October 25, 2015

Rhinebeck 2015

Ruth, Martha and I had a fabulous time at
Rhinebeck this year. Such a good time in fact,
that this is the only picture from the
festival that I have.

 We all  controlled our spending this year......
This is my stash...
Sweatshirt from festival, 4 skeins of yarn...
a beautiful mug
 Martha got two skeins of yarn, gloves,
sweatshirt and a mug

 Ruth got that pretty fleece her stuff is on,
a mug, , long sleeve T-shirt, two  yarn
kits, buttons and a mug

Friday we went to FDR 's house.  This is the back view

 This is the front,,, pretty, huh
 Ruth is working on her shawl.
So so pretty.
Pea Trellis by Anne Hanson
Martha has started the 2nd lace section of
her Lilli Pilli shawl. Its very pretty in person,
you can't really see the strip color here like
you can in person....

 I got my yarn wound

 I really liked the Mt  Rutsen Studio yarn....

 And of course, my favorite, Fiber Optics
had ot split the yarn in two balls because there
was a knot... remember...there
are no knots in knitting !!!

 I finished up the first Shur'tgal sock.
Like how the pattern makes a baby diamond
before starting the toe decrease.

 Different heel
 this is the truest  color picture
 I took careful notes...want them both to be the same...

Have a  great week

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