Sunday, November 15, 2015

It's in the Details

Sometimes, knitting simple things look so easy..but it's in the
details that make them so special.  Yesterday morning, I decided
I needed to make a hat for my dad...his birthday is Saturday.
My dad is always he always gets something warm
for his birthday...LOL

My basic hat pattern...K2 P2  100 stitches, worsted weight yarn.
Plymouth Select Superwash. I love that yarn. It's a little pricey, but
Dizzy Sheep has it on special once in a while.  For a head its great.

See how it folds...well when I folded the wrong side it has that
ugly joining what I did was...when I got to the top
and started the decrease...I purled in stead of knit

Then turned it inside out

and when folded over, it looks great with the little pop of green.
The P2 together makes a cute looking stitch pattern on the wrong side...

see the cute p2 togethers...this is the "wrong side" which is now the right side
 the side I worked on....

I think dad will like it...
or maybe I should give it to Chase's dad...Jake...since they are kinda similar colors.
I swear I didn't realize it till both were done...

Washed and blocked the teal socks..Shur'tgal pattern.
the color is so wonderful..does not show up here
Started some plain vanilla socks....
the colors are kind of fugly but manly...and I like the
pattern the yarn is making all on its own...
hey, we have to use up stash, right?

Ruth is almost done with her sock blank socks...
 Martha is doing some plan vanilla socks
Love the colors
Lorna's Laces Comfort socks.
We all have socks going again...

Joe went fishing today...was a beautiful day here...nice perch
have a great week....

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