Sunday, November 1, 2015

November.....Really? It's Gonna be 70 this week!

The weather has been a good way!
70's this coming week..nice...saves on fuel...

I managed to finish up the let on the 2nd sock.
Fiber Optics yarn
I hope I can get  it close to done this week.
I am really sick of it...

I have been working on a baby hat the last  couple of days.
Using leftover sock yarn, and mixing in a gray color
to stretch the green.

Little Chase wears the first one I gave him all of the time,
so I wanted to make him one a little bigger.
(sorry I could not size picture smaller)


His due date was to be this week..I think he is 7 weeks old now.

Ruth finished up her Pea Trellis nice. I can't wait to see it in person.

Martha finished up her Lilli Pilli today.  She said
she feels better that it took so long once she realized
it was enough yarn to make a sweater with sock yarn!

She has to block it yet.
Yesterday was Halloween,
we got only a couple of kids. But we knew the parents
so it was fun. They stayed a while. We had a dance party
with Little Aubrey (Mark's niece).

She was a pink pony

Can you see the pink tail swirling?

We got Mark to wear the pink mane...Aubrey was not
Hayden came too

Halloween was Joe's dad's birthday.  Joey has shot a few deer
on Halloween, and he always says grampa was watching over him.
Don was an avid hunter, though not with a bow.  Joey, as my mom
calls it, has a deadeye.  This year he continued with the tradition.
A nice 7-point.  Second deer with his bow this year. To me this
is way better than a gun shot. I am giddily proud of him.
(is that a word?)

Joe and I took a nice scenic ride to Naples today and came
home along Canandaigua Lake thru Cheshire. It is a little blip
of a town maybe 1.5 miles long. .... well the whole strip, I mean
every yard, every tree, and every business was covered in
toilet paper. This picture is just a little blip of what it was like...

Have a good week..enjoy the will end soon I'm afraid.

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