Sunday, April 3, 2016


The giant socks are done!!!

Size 13 men's
Knitpicks Hawthorne Yarn
Size 2 needle
72 stitches

Luckily, they match
I started a pair of brainless socks
Size 10.5 mens for Joey
Yarn is Panda Silk (with bamboo)
Joey loves this yarn on is feet.
Said they are the only socks his feet don't sweat in.
Just a little past the ribbing so far.

There is a craze going around using size 9 needles for
socks.  So I tried it.  Size 0 needle 9" long.
Giant pain in the arss....Hard on my fingers, hard to manuver,

 Remember the miter mittens I worked on a month or so ago.
I finally finished up the thumbs this week.  I guess I had no
interest before.

Noro Kureyon yarn
40 stitches
Big giant FLOP!
Look at the top of the right one. Looks like it
has ears.
I honestly don't know what I did. The last pair
were perfect.
I like that they are nice an long.
And at least they will fit me, I could not give them away-- too messed up.
I will love them.
Ruth's latest cowl turned out to be a giant success!

 Jerry's Point Cowl. Yarn is North Light Fibers. 40% cashmere and 60% super fine merino. 

She started a pair of socks with this mystery yarn that turned out to
be a giant mismatch of yarn/pattern.  The yarn is too busy so she 
ripped.  She is going to try monkey socks with the yarn.  The colors
are festive.

Martha did not chime in this week. I think she is working on sweater sleeves.
Will be beautiful when done. A giant project completed.

 Last night I made fajitas for the first time which turned out to
be a giant success. The boys liked them.
Something different.  Recipe was from a book
called  Sheet Pan Suppers. I think the next time Joe will
cook the steak outside...


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martha said...

The fajitas look delish. I wonder if your mittens will block out the "ears"? I lopi me Ruth's yarn. Very pretty colors. I was at a Baha'i event so I could not send the sweater. I'm decreasing the sleeve on one side which is down to the elbow. The other cap is done....