Sunday, April 17, 2016

They prey on YA's

You know who they are...those pesky yarn companies that
send email after email day after day wanting you to
buy yarn...harassing YA's to no end. 
Webs, KnitPicks, Patternworks, Little Knits.

I'm sure they know that I have a problem....
I attend weekly Yarn Aholic's Anonymous meetings...

(Yarn Aholic Anonymous - I am currently the only
member, but I bet if I advertised...more would join
me).  I've been trying hard not to buy any yarn....I don't need
any...and have succeeded, so far.  Give me strength!!!

I have the leg part done on Joey's blue socks.
9" - started with 84  stitches because yarn is tiny and
using size 0 needles, then went down to 80 stitches
(see marker) to compensate for larger calf, and longer

I am doing the heel flap slit stitches "through the back loop"
for something different.  I kinda like it so far...though not enough
done to show in this picture.

Had breakfast with Ruth and Martha yesterday - so fun.
Martha is in town for a sister weekend. No updates from them
today...I suspect they are having too much fun.  Martha is zooming
down her 2nd sleeve, and Ruth is finishing up her Monkey socks.

In other news:

Took KeeLee for a walk today. She pooped out 1/2 way thru
and I had to carry her. At one point I looked at her and said
"come on KeeLee, show these  Redneck country dogs how
Park Avenue girls  go for a nice walk" .  she just looked at me
and stuck out her tongue.....sigh.

Joe made barbque chicken...yum
Had a green salad and margarita tomato salad...
such a nice fresh dinner.

KeeLee is quite the princess...

Have a great week, dear blog readers...

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