Sunday, April 10, 2016

Waddling Along

I feel like a duck..waddling along. Everything in my knitting
world seems to be taking forever.

 Joey's socks have about 4.5" done.  I did not get much done
this week.  I really like the Panda Silk yarn.

He was home a lot this weekend so I started a pair for mom
while he was hanging out.
Heritage yarn. Soft. Blue like she wanted.
Everyone wants blue this year.
I think I will knit Joe some RED socks...just to be different.

Ruth is zooming down the foot on her first monkey sock.
I love the colors.!!!

Martha is working on the second sleeve for her sweater.  Love
the details.

In other news...Joey is starting to warm up to
She really is a sweetie heart.

have a great knitting week....

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