Sunday, May 22, 2016

It Warmed Up!

Nice and summery this weekend...which explains the
lack of knitting progress to report.  I am super busy on
a project that is taking most of my spare time, and unfortunately,
it doesn't involve knitting.

Mom's Cup of Tea socks are coming along.  I have turned the
heel and turtling down the foot.

 I like the accent color.  I think I will use that for the toe, also,
to stretch the yarn.

 Martha has re-engineered her sweater collar a bit, and hopes
to get some time to knit on it tonight.  The color is a bit more
teal than the picture shows.   Klemscott pattern, published in Twist
collective, by Caroline Bergeron. The yarn is WEBs Stockbridge.
The actual color is more teal.  BIK!!

Ruth is traveling this week - no new updates.

Have a nice summery week!

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