Sunday, May 1, 2016

Where's the Tiarra

 I worked a bit on Joey's sock this week. I am about 1/2" away from starting
toe decrease. I think I will do Yarn Harlot's round toe. That will be new for me.

I settled on a pattern for mom's sock.
My cup of tea...a free pattern on ravelry.
Heritage sock yarn.
Pattern is a 24 stitch repeat on the front.
I have 36 stitches, so I knit 4, P2, Pattern 24, P2, K4...
very easy and every other row is just knit.
I'm liking it a lot so far. I'm toying with the idea
of an afterthought heel...have you ever done one?

Ruth finished up her sock, and has started a new sweater.
I'm sure she will have progress pictures next week.
 She has to really concentrate....

Martha is ready to knit button band on her sweater Klemscott!
Valley Yarn Stockbridge

The rest of the post is written by KeeLee

Hi Dear blog readers...
I have to tell you some exciting news....I had a really
nice thing happen to me this week!

Monday night Joe had to work late, so Connie and Tiffany
took me for a walk. They took me for the long walk - 35 min.
Well, I get tired kinda easy these they had to take
turns carrying me for probably 25 of the 35 minutes.
Apparently, even though I'm only 13 lbs, I get heavy after
a couple of minutes.... They don't like to leave me home
alone since I'm alone all day, and I really do love walks.

Tiffany is the problem solver of the family.  She told mom
on Tuesday that she had it figured out. 
sooo mom's mothers day present arrived in the mail on
Friday and Tiffany brought it over ....

guess what it is?

wait for it..........

Pink polka dot doggie stroller!
It has a leash on the inside so I can't fall out.
Tiffany told mom she impulsively got the pink one
and tried to get black but it was too late. They
already shipped it.

Mom said Tiff it's's like when you dye your hair
from blonde to brown, people only notice the first time
they see you, after that its normal!

I love it...they took me for a spin on Friday.

My question is..if I look like a princess, ride like a princess, act like
a princess....then where is my tiarra?

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