Monday, July 4, 2016

A little knitting...finally!

I might have told a little fib when I said I wasn't knitting much.
Actually, I was knitting this little beauty for Tiffany's wedding.

I will gift it to her at the shower on Sunday.
Boo Knits design, Sweet Dreams Shawl.

Hand Maiden Fine Yarn - Sea Lace  70% Silk / 30% Sea Cell

There are lots of beads in the shawl, but you c can't see them in the pictures.
I did not like knitting with beads and this yarn, very splitty.

Had enough yarn left over to knit a little bag.
I doubled the yarn for structure.  See the beads!
I will attempt to add a liner, but that may not come
till after the shower.

Finally!! turned the heel on this sock.
It's a nice plain simple brainless project.

This is the Sofie sweater.  The back has this cute honeycomb pattern.
I am ready to put the sleeves on a string.

In other news...the boys worked on the front patio this weekend.
We had the sidewalk put in last year, and I decided on brick to fill
in the space around the cute cherry tree.

It took a lot of work to get to this nice flat base.

There is more done than the above picture, but they ran out of dark
bricks so have to get more.  That is the challenge since the place
closes before we get out of work. So it might be next weekend before
it gets done.  Sigh. It is really nice and worth the wait.

This is the sunrise one morning this past week. I thought it was so

Having a lot of trouble with my camera lately. I have more pictures
but they did not copy over. 

Have a nice week. Next week is the shower so no post. I will
get back to every Sunday posts once that is over....

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