Sunday, July 17, 2016

Phew! It's Hot

 It has been very hot here in Western NY and in fact we are officially
in drought conditions.  The little bit of rain seems to go a mile north
or south of us.  HOT to sleep!
I managed to work a bit on Sofie sweater this week.  The body after
the arms are separated are supposed to be 16". I'm going to try it on
at 14" to see how it looks. I'm quite short and hate too long sweaters.
My goal is to wear it this summer.  It is, after all, a summer sweater!

Martha is working on a cowl from a kit from Ruth. No other
details at this time. I love the colors!
Ruth is working on a pair of picture this week.
She is traveling.  Look at this cute little car she saw at
a car show yesterday:
She has a "think" for MiniCoopers...and drives one herself...
so cute!

Joe has been watering his garden like mad. 

He and I went fishing today and caught two.
No one was catching much, so we were happy with 2.
No pictures...darn!

Joey is cooking chicken for dinner.

The boys finished up the brick work since last blog post.
I like it a lot

KeeLee got a  haircut this week and feels sooo much better!

and Mickey did not!
Happy knitting this week. Stay cool.

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