Sunday, July 24, 2016

This and That

Continues to be so very HOT and Humid here in Western NY.
I did get quite a lot done on my sweater.  I have 10" done
from where I separated sleeves. I am going to try it on at 14".
Directions say 16" but I'm short so...

I am using yarn called for in pattern.  Even same color!
Garnstudio Drops Belle
It's not bad to work with.

Tiffany modeled the shawl I gave her for wedding.

Ruth finished up her first sock.
K3, P1 pattern. Mrs Crosby yarn. Toucan color.
The color is so nice and versatile.

She started a shawl....Turritella by Corrine Ouillon. 
Yarn is Tucker Woods lace weight. Starry starry night color with a little sparkle.

 Martha has been looking for smaller (not so hot) projects to knit.
She finished up this cute Pepperberry Cowl, yarn/pattern gift from
Ruth. She said she likes the casualness of it...and it's sooo soft!

She has not reknit the collar on her sweater yet. Waiting for cooler

She has also knit a nice scarf.
Another Really Easy Lace Scarf"by Nancy Shroyer.
She chose not to knit the lace border.
Another gift from Ruth!

I think the girls and I are carrying on nicely in this heat...!

In other news....

the family came for a picnic yesterday.
thank goodness there was a nice breeze so we could enjoy
the outside without being too hot.

Joey spent a lot hot day in front of the grill cooking chicken,.

This tomato plant is up to my chin.
The basil is doing well also
Some of my other favorite flowers

Have a nice week dear blog readers.  Stay cool.

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