Sunday, January 15, 2017


I strayed from the sock this week.  I managed to
get the German Short Row heel turned
today.  Now I can zoom down the foot.

The reason I strayed :  I attempted to make a
3 lb dog a sweater.  Tiffany's in-laws have a little
chowowa and they cannot find a sweater small enough.
Without the dog as a model, I had to wing it.
The ribbing with pink is the collar, and the long
ribbing is the back.  They can roll either to fit.

I'm hoping the legs are not too skinny.
I put on a wine bottle to show how it should look.
Totally weird and almost obsence...forgive me.
I hope I can show you a picture with a dog in it
at some point.
It is definitely not a work of art, but I hope
it will be functional.

Ruth is almost done with her owl mittens.
She did opposite colors on 2nd one.
So cute, and a lot of work.

In weight watchers this week we talked about
food prep for lunches so I thought I'd try it.

Cut 4 chicken breasts in 1/2 so there were 8
pieces.  Put sauce on 4 and taco seasoning
on the other 4 and baked.

Cooked up some peppers, onions, zucchini and mushrooms
Then split in 1/2 and added taco seasoning to half
and sauce to the other half
Added a little fat free cheese to each. Now I have
4 nice lunches for this week.  Cooked up 1/4 cup of
pasta for the saucy one, and I will take salsa and a
corn tortilla for the mexican one.

It was not really that time consuming since I basically
cooked the same thing and just added different flavors.

Joe went fishing today and caught a few. They made
a great dinner!

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