Sunday, January 29, 2017

January knitting

 Sometimes it's very hard to come up with a blog title,
sorry for the boring one this week. Last week I had so much
to write about, but the pictures would not come thru. This
week, not so much.
Progress on Mark's giant size 13 sock. Heel decreases
are almost done.  Hawthorne yarn from Knitpicks.
Size 2 needle
Leg is 9" long.

Pattern is a 3 stitch twist (mimicking a cable)
The yarn is really green and gray...nice

Started a baby sweater, but not far enough along to
even talk about it yet.

Remember that weird dog sweater I made...guess what?
It fits!  Meet Kya

Ruth is traveling this week, and came across some
beautiful yarn she could not resist.  It's 100% merino,
but soft like cashmere....nice!

Martha whipped up a baby sweater in some yarn that
I had leftover from a sweater years ago.

It's Schoeller Stahl Big Mexico super wash.  The pattern is Springtime Baby Cardigan by Kaity Von Rader. This sweater body she  soaked and blocked before putting on the sleeves and button band. It knits up very stiff and kind of rough. After soaking,  it moves suppley and will be very nice for a one year old... She has  one ball left and am planning to knit a hat and put a blue ball on top which matches the blue buttons. She have no idea of the sex of this baby, but the first baby was a girl and she knit the olive green and red sweater for her and the parents loved it so she thinks this will be fine.

Here is a pic of what she made the first baby:
Martha is also working on some socks.
She has a good start on the 2nd one...

KeeLee is going to be soooo lost when Joe goes back to
work tomorrow...they've been constant companions...

Some pictures of what I wanted to show you last week:
Size 1.5 needle snapped in half....really?

Too many socks to wonder I don't have many
in my drawer

Joe went fishing

Have a wonderful, knitful week. Next post will be in February already!

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