Sunday, April 2, 2017


As the name of the blog implies, knitting is very medatative
to me (knitting medatation - knitatation)
I worked on a couple of projects this week that were
very medatative to me.
 The Hyacinthus arm warmer.  Technique is helical stripes.
I'm a little surprised at how dominant the blue is.

 Koigu ppm multi color, and Loopy Ewe solids.
Size 1.5 needle
Just starting the thumb on the 2nd one.
Really hoping I have enough of the Koigu to finish up

Also worked a little on the custom scarf this week.
The last three colors are not that different.
Look close to see the color change

 I like all of the colors together  very relaxing to  knit

I did not work on the giant sock at all...maybe this

Ruth is moving along on her sweater!

 Harrisville yarn. Granite State pattern.
She'll be done with the back in no time.

Martha finished up her first Old Joe sock...and had
very little yarn left!

In other news:
the boys went fishing today.  Unusual for Joey to
go with Joe..they caught tons of fish!
Took them forever to clean them...we will have
fish for a long time...yea!
Glad they had fun
Ruth asked about the color of our house since it was sided
so I took a picture
Definitely needs landscaping done!
That may be a 2-year project

Made pizza on Friday

and finally, can I just say, it's about time:

Have a great week dear blog readers,
sounds like more April showers to bring on the flowers!

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