Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I'm happy to say I finished up the Helical mitts this week.
The Good!
I don't really need them, so will put them away for Christmas or
Very fun knit.

And tada...also finished up the scarf. 
Another good!
I love the way it blocked out.
Colors are much more vibrant than in these pics.
On the last row, I knit one row of purple, so it would look
better when I kitchnered it together.
It is very long...very long...but it twists up nice on the neck.
I have enough yarn left to make some mitts...maybe helical again.
I measured each ball, then split it in two, mostly even balls.
Then I measured again, and put in two rows, so a little bigger
one next to a little smaller one.
Then remeasured and each half weighed almost exactly the same.

 We'll see what I come up with. (I have already ripped twice).

While I was finishing the scarf..half way thru the last color
this happened.
The Bad!
The needle snapped...see the wood split?
I had to get out the gray needle and put the stitches on there.
I had to kind of wrestle three stitches together and it snapped
way below...makes me mad because they were not that old.

 Ruth is working along on her first sweater front and ran
into pattern difficulties.  This is not the first time this has happened
to her in the last several months...poorly written pattern. She is a very
talented sweater knitter, so it's not her.  She is going to try and figure it
out..wishing her luck...
Martha has a good start on her 2nd sock:
Old Joe pattern by Yarn Harlot....

In other news:

Quite the snow storm here on Friday.  It melted pretty quick,
but made a huge mess after all of the rain we got on

 Yesterday and today have  been quite lovely!

Mom and dad came for lunch today. Joe made fish dinner.
Totally delish!

Have a great week dear knitters...
Happy Spring!

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