Sunday, April 16, 2017


What a NICE day today. Happy  Easter....
just below 80 here...but breezy  phew.. the wind.

I finished up the first mitten (I'll do both thumbs
at the same time).  I like it!  NICE!  Except for the ladders.
You can see in the 2nd picture how it all looks wonky.
I'm really hoping most of that will block out.
Fingers crossed!  It's all helical two colors, except the ribbing
bottom, and the purple top where the decreases started.
It's hard to tell in some of the colors.

 Just have the ribbing done on mitten #2.

Ruth is just about done with arm decreases on first
sweater front.  What a lot of cables...NICE!

Martha is cruising down the foot of her NICE Old Joe 2nd sock
in Happy  Feet yarn.

 In other news....

Tiffany's mother in law got KeeLee a beautiful
EASTER outfit, with her name on the collar.
So NICE of her.
KeeLee was not impressed...but did pose.
This pic is more of the actual color...
very pink!

I made Joe and the kids a little Easter basket....not much
but just enough.

I'm super tired this weekend for some reason. Heading out for
a little walk, then Knitting! 
Have a great week dear blog readers...

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