Sunday, August 6, 2017

Phew...blinked and the week was over!

 What a fast week, huh....
I worked furiously on the Sybaritic socks...and yea,
got the first one done.!
It helps that it's a shorter sock....I added 4 rows to the top, and 12
to the section right before heel...
I think it's 5.5" tall, I usually do 7-8 to use up yarn.

Love doing this pattern. I only worked on this all
week.  I think I might block the first one to see how it looks.
It's a size 8.5 and I'm a 7 so it is big on my foot in the picture.

Ruth is making this beautiful shawl. -
Walk on the Beach.
She is barely started. Yarn is Classic Yarns Cashsoft 4 ply. Merino,
microfiber, and cashmere. 
So far so pretty...!

Martha finished up her shawl.
Serenity Now! 
 She went to Green Mt Spinnery and got white to
finish the last 8 rows. Can you imagine how fun it would
be to just pop over to Green Mt Spinnery or WEBS whenever
you want to?????  Jealous!

I thought this was Ruth when I first saw this picture:

It is lovely don't you think!
Now I'll make you jealous...I get to see it in person
on Saturday!

Martha started a sock:
 These are Hourglass socks by Bev Eicerio published in Knitty.
 Yarn unknown....
very snazzy!

In other news:
there isn't any..
have a great week dear blog readers.

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