Sunday, May 20, 2007

Finally - A Finished Object

Remember the Fade from Purple Socks...finally done. I hated makings these socks - don't know why, but now that they're done and ready for my feet, I like them. I liked the yarn very much - it is very soft and wonderful to work with.

When I make socks there are always three versions - 1. the directions 2. my interpretation of the pattern with a few changes, and 3. my second sock that I am improving from the first one. But as my teacher would say - hey they're just socks!

These blue slippers I made for Joey a few years ago. Before I took classes. Before I studied gauge. I put the little purple one next to it so you can get a sense for how big it is. I had them ready to go to Good Will and Joey told me we had to think of someone with really big feet to give them to. We finally remembered that Uncle Brian has size 14 feet, and even though these will be too big for him, they will fit him better than Joey's size 10.

Hubby and I went on a date Saturday night. He took me to a bar to hear a band. He even had a designated driver lined up (Joey). The only bad thing was, he forgot that the night life starts much later than it did when we were dating - we got there two hours before the band started playing! We had dinner and talked and played instant lotto. It was actually fun, the band sucked, but then I am used to the quality of my friend Dan's band - Buster Rocks.

Everyone at the place knew each other - it was a country western band. I felt like I was watching some sort of sitcom or something.
We might go back again sometime - but we'll know enough to take a nap so we can stay out later....(we were really tired Saturday night - hubby had to get up early and work and I was up early because he was).....

Have a wonderful week!



Ruth said...

What a long way your socks have come!

Leapin Lizard said...

Connie, you are becoming such a good knitter! Hopefully someday before you give up knitting, I will have a good reason for you to knit something cute! No news yet though! I know what you mean about going out, I feel the same way. I am too tired to acutally go out. Oh well! I will keep checking on your blog! Keep up the good knitting!lizzie

Dan said...

Thanks for the plug. Be sure to tell your knitting friends that we're playing in the afternoon (so you won't need a nap beforehand)on July 22 at the Chili Fest. Check the website for details.