Thursday, May 24, 2007

Headline in Morning's Paper.....

reads "Woman Killed in Freak Accident - Knitting Needles Goes Thru Her Abdoman"
An unidentified woman was killed in the I490 today - by her own knitting needles.
She was creeping along in the very slow moving traffic, decided to whip out her knitting
to kill time. The traffic started moving, but she was in the middle of a stitch and of
course had to finish before she dropped it...when the car behind her got impatient,
bambed into her rearend, and the needle went right thru her abdoman.

ha! if you ever read this headline, then it was probably me that got killed by my
own needles. I did 250 stitches on the way home yesterday - do you believe it?
That's how slow traffic was....

Today was a good day - had dinner with the Girlie Group - a real Gigglefest!
God I love those women!

No men allowed - because - how could we talk about them if they were there?

I will have pictures to show next post.

Have a wonderful Holiday Weekend.

Do you have any Memorial day traditions you'd like to share? Leave them in the comments

I always make brownies...don't know why, but I do.
Have for years.


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John said...

Hi Connie.

I have to get a different hobby. I can not do my hobby while I am driving home from work like you can. My hobby is not relaxing either. In fact at times it can be very frustrating. My hobby is poker. We played last night till 2:00AM. We had 15 people for the first game of Texas Holdem. We started out at 2 tables. There was 2 guys at my table that bet big all the time. I tried to wait them out until I had a hand, but I never got one. Well actually I did get hands, but they came after I folded. That is the frustrating part of my hobby.

Hey I got an idea. I should take up knitting instead of poker. Do you give lessons? You can have a begginers class and an advanced class. Th advance class would be knitting while driving. The final exame would be to knit a pair of socks while driving around the innerloop.