Sunday, May 6, 2007


I love that word...stuff....It can mean so many things.
Sweater knitting can be boring to post about, especially when I limit
myself to no more than 3 projects. I have one sleeve 3/4 of the way
done, and then decided that the body was a bit to short so I'm
adding another inch there. I'm making new friends at knitting on
Fridays which is so fun. I even have a new pal, Victoria, to walk over with.
She works on my floor at work! She is the one I saw carrying knitting a few
weeks ago, and didn't see her again until this week at the yarn shop!

The boys cut some very big branches off the back tree this week. If you notice a
dark blue spot halfway up the tree, that's Joey, cutting branches. I was in the
house - had dialed 9-1-1- and my finger resting on the SEND button in case he
fell. Of course they both thought it was "cool".

If you look closely you can see the flowers planted in the new bed. You would not
believe how some of them arrived - only little sticks to plant. We'll see, hopefully
in a couple years it will be all filled in and beautious.

You can tell blogging is boring when I take pictures of dinner. Joey was craving an
anitpasta salad this week, and he thought it was so beautiful he took a picture.

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