Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Getting It

I found a couple of very funny posts on some of my favorite blogs this week - if you don't knit socks, you won't understand and you won't get it....

From the Loopy Ewe - probably one of the most well known Sock purchasing sites out there:
This is Sheri's writing:

Good News: I live on Route 56.
Bad News: Apparently that’s not a good thing. (Note conversation below that took place at the post office yesterday afternoon.)

Mail Person #1, walking out from the back room: “Oh my gosh - who brought all of this in?” (as she points to a corner full of boxes that I had just brought in.)
Mail Person #2, checking me out with the International Orders: “The Loopy Loo lady here.”
Mail Person #1: “Oh. Wow. OHHH! You’re Route 56! We talk about you all the time at the other branch!”
Me: “Um …. Really? You know about me?”
Mail Person #1: “Oh jeez yes - we all know about you. No one wants to do Route 56 because of the lady with all the boxes every day! Now tell me again what you sell? Socks?”
Me: Sock yarn and lace yarn.
Mail Person #1: “That’s right. And there really are people who buy it? Because we all just kind of stand around and scratch our heads on that one. Who buys sock yarn? There are really that many people out there interested in this stuff?”
Mail Person #2: “Well obviously. You see all these boxes in here all the time.”
Mail Person #1: “That’s true. It’s crazy though, isn’t it? We just have to wonder about it. Sock yarn.”
Me: :-)

here's a link to her main sock page:
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From Yarn Pirate. Georgia supplies yarn to the Loopy Ewe and now sells it directly on her site. I have some of her yarn on my needles right now.

Look at all those boxes of sock yarn being shipped around the world!

I get it!

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