Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Update on Small Stuff

Biscuit Blanket - 9 inches complete - have to get to 11.25 and then start the finishing 8 rows. I don't know why I am so bored with this, but it will be very nice when done. Next one will be a different "dishrag" pattern. The one I'm making is white, and I can see it with red and green little bows - bit will have to do it in something totally washable...hmmmm....let me think about this.

Sweater sleeve - 3 more increases then I can whip away without counting. I have enough stitches on the needles to use the Addi's now, so my speed is definitely increased!


I have training today so will not be at my regular office - it should be fun.
It is very humid here - lovin it! Glad we have the pool, because our house is not air conditioned.


How is your small stuff comin along? Leave me a comment!

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