Sunday, August 19, 2007

August Small Stuff - Update 3

What a fast week - whew!
I am almost done with the multidirectional scarf - It has been a fun knit,
but I am totally bored with it now. I could knit stockinette in the round all day
long, but knitting garter stitch - same thing right - totally bores me....huh?

Another small project finished - 2nd sweater sleeve - I've joined the sleeves to the body and now am wizzing away - I know I'm supposed to be working on the small stuff, but I
am after all a sweater knitter.....

The flowers this time of year are so pretty!

Joey started at Arby's yesterday - he had to shave - doesn't he look so 13 years old?

It has been cold here in Western NY the last two days - pool dropped to 70.....
I lowest I will go in is 76 - not sure if it will recover to that temp before we close it in
two weeks....

have a good week - and stay safe.

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