Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Small Stuff....Update

I am moving right along on the small stuff....

Finished the biscuit blanket - started on Sunday, finished on Friday. This turned out very pretty, but the cotton is definitely like pushing dirt - not smooth like wool.

I have started a Multidirectional Scarf with yarn left over from my last sweater.
I am putting in color changes haphazardly, so it looks more "directional" than it
really is - way cool.

Finished up the increases on the 2nd sweater sleeve, so I don't have to count anymore.... this stuff is soooo soft and cashmerey (not that I've ever felt cashmere before, but I can imagine.

I am really enjoying these small projects....


We had a wonderful day at the Lake yesterday....just floating around, lake like glass, beautiful sunset, then chicken wings afterwards...what could be more perfect.

Today it rained most of the late afternoon, which was much needed - we could use about 3 more days worth....but look at this:

and what do you get when a teenager is bored because he's been in the house for the afternoon because it's raining? goofy!

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