Sunday, March 15, 2009


I am making March knitting all about the fun. Sometimes I knit like its my I have obligations to finish projects in a hurry, deadline, etc. I'm making March fun, not worrying
about what I 'should' be knitting. I loved knitting the Forest Canopy Shawl. It was fun,
fast, easy, and using our hand dyed yarn made it even more special.

I loved that the pattern had a center stitch. If I made a mistake it was easy enough to go back from the center, or to the center and fix it. The pattern was very well written. I would definitely make this again, though the next time I would use yarn that had a little more yardage. My shawl is a little small, but still functionable. I had 450 yards of sock yarn, which I would normally use a size 2 needle on. I used a size 4 addi lace needle. I ended up with 281 stitches. The pattern using worsted yarn ends up at 195. I noticed on Ravely that lots of folks use thicker yarn and make the shawl much larger.

These pictures show the shawl done, but unblocked. I put it outside on the boat cover so you would be able to see the color better:

I had encouragement thru the whole process:

Apparently, Magic thought he needed to be on security detail while it was

The finished product, oh so soft and lovely.

One thing about this hand dyed yarn: it is so soft and lovely
as the expensive yarn we all covet. I have some natural lace yarn in my
stash that I am thinking of make another shawl. I really need
to think about the color....

I have a sock going using the pattern Ruth and Jeannine have been doing.
Mine is Knit 5, seed 3 and I am really liking the pattern. The yarn is a semi-
solid from Ellen's half pint. 50% tencel/50% merino. I have not knit much
on it - saving for the bus.

Martha just finished a cool pair of socks, that just scream Spring.
I think they are lovely. Thanks for sharing, Martha!

Today I am back to working on the February Lady Sweater.

We had a lot of family activities this weekend, and my fun meter is filling up.
Thank goodness, its not at 0 anymore!

Have a great, safe, week!

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