Sunday, March 8, 2009

Swan Yarn

You have to admit, this yarn in the cake is kind of fugly. I cannot photo the color very well. It is not blue, it is purple, and the lighter color is more lavendar than blue. This is the yarn that we dyed at Martha's last year. (Thanks, Martha !)

I decided to use it for the lovely Forest Canopy Shawl that everyone is raving about.
The original was knit in Worsted weight yarn on a size 8 needle, I am using sock
weight on size 4 needle. Mine will definitely be a smaller shawl. I am calling the
colorweigh Swan because in my eyes it turned from fugly to lovely.

I wish the pattern would show up better, but trust me it's wonderful, and oh so fun!

I finished up the kool-aid dyed green socks this weekend. The colorway is very nice.
I'm not in love with the pattern I made up. A little eyelet and twist on the side of the sock.
Tiffany is the lucky recipient.

I did not work on the February Lady sweater much this week, so no progress
pictures to share.

Ruth finished up her epaulet sweater and its wonderful! This is an Elizabeth Zimmerman

She is also almost done with her new socks made out of Panda Silk.

Martha just finished up a pair of jaywalker socks, but she's not in love with them
so didn't send a picture.

My fun meter is at an all time low....I'm hoping Spring gets here soon.

Take care and have a good week!

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