Sunday, March 22, 2009

Paying Attention

Joe was paying attention to my knitting this week. He walked by the February Lady Sweater and asked me when I was going to finish it. He said I love the colors of "that thing". Hmmmm, that gave me inspiration to keep going on it. I am 3-4" away from being done with the body. I didn't knit much at all this week after work....way to brain dead.

Then yesterday this happened after I received a delivery of yarn. Ruth and I placed a small order for yarn for the Canopy Shawl and it came to my house.

Joe: We need a new mailman.
Me: Why?

Joe: Well, he delivered that yarn to our house, and he knows you certainly don't need anymore.
Me: Oh, well its ok because Ruth had yarn delivered here.

Joe: busted up laughing, oh she did huh?
Me: well, yes. She doesn't have any room in her house for more yarn so she is sending it here now.

Joe: busted up laughing, well its kinda pretty.

And I didn't think he paid attention!

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