Sunday, May 17, 2009

Not much progress

Not much progress this week.....I worked on the surplice jacket and thats about it. One sleeve is done, and the 2nd underway. Then all that is left is the border. I need to work on mom's sweater as class starts Wednesday.

Martha sent a picture of some unusual really cool looking yarn she got a Webs sale this weekend. (She lives less than an hour from Webs!) She's not sure what it wants to be yet.

And here is a picture of Martha's daughter, EmmaLouise, in her prom dress.
Isn't she absolutely stunning!

Martha was able to secure us a room in Kingston to attend Rhinebeck this fall.
I had one but too far away...I was panicking that we would not get one at all.
She called vs. doing the internet search and had much better luck.
I told Joe about how the rooms were filling up so fast and he said, "whats going on there besides that yarn thing?"... I told him that believe it or not, "millions" of people flock to this event from several states every year. He was amazed. I said that more people than the 3 or 4 I hang out with knit...he was stunned. Oh well, his education is slow but sure.

Its really cold here tonight, we might have a fire.

have a safe week.

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