Sunday, May 3, 2009


I have serious knitting withdrawl this week! Tiffany's little doggie Tyson has been here for 9 days and I did not knitting, except on the bus when I worked on the red sock. He got ahold of the EZ surplice sweater...don't blame him though. Joe was supposed to be watching him for just 10 minutes and he got the sweater, and 5 stitches dropped off right in the increase section. I am still too mad (at Joe) to fix it. I think I will get to it this week. In the meantime, today I stared a pair of baby moc-a-soc's, pattern was purchased on Ravelry. I have just started, but they will be cute. I need them for a baby shower at work on Thursday. I will take pictures before I send off.

Ruth has been working on EZ's Tomten, and it is REALLY cute. Red and Blue. She tried to send pictures, but they didn't come thru.... hopefully we can have them for next week's post.

Martha is coming along very nicely on her Sienna Cardigan sweater!

She decided to put a pattern in the sleeve. Can't wait to see it all put together!

I'm sitting here looking at the pool hoping we can be swimming in a month or so. Can't wait.
Well back to the little baby booties....oh I forgot to tell you...the little recipient will be named

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