Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cowl Girls

Ruth and Martha have been knitting cowls galore! So, I
thought I should have one going too!

I started Jared Flood's Ptarmigan Cowl in yarn purchased at
Rhinebeck this year....Soft Touch Ultra from Shelridge Farms.
I had to add another repeat of pattern since my yarn and gauge
is much smaller than pattern called for. Cross your fingers it

Have made little progress on Wayfarer scarf this week.
Well, if you count the times I ripped it out and restarted
I guess I have done a lot! LOL.

Turned the heel on Joe's 2nd sock. Putting a mock cable
on each side of the leg to make it interesting.

Blue yarn is from Green Mt Spinnery, and multi yarn
is Regia Bamboo.

Here is the cowl I made for dad over the holidays.
It is linen stitch, and made from some leftover
Aurora 8 yarn. It was a very tight knit on size 7
needles, and hard on my hands.

The color is actually forest green.....
The back of the cowl is as nice, if not nicer than the

Ruth's cowls:

One is the Buddy cowl knit out of my own handspun yarn
and the other is the birthday cowl knit in
green cashmere

Martha has been knitting cowls and socks -- her own words:

The red striped socks are to go with my red sweater that has yet to be
knit. Typical socks before the sweater, huh. This was a homemade
pattern with knitting on the cuff to show off the stripes. These are
made from Cascade Yarn Sassy Stipes. Kind of Dr. Suessian huh?

The green socks are in the Rivendell pattern which I would suggest the
following modifications. I would put a 1" ribbing at the top of the
sock, as the way they are they kind of roll down. Also the wrapping
of the stitches at the top is on the tightesh side, and some other
kind of stitch might be prefered. I am making these out of Alchemy
Yarns of Transformation. The color is Juniper. I am almost ready to
start the heal flap on the second sock. I am moving on these.

The red cowl is out of alpaca and lorna laces which I bought at WEBS
after christmas. It is the Bud pattern from Ravelry. I made it as
written. I have a long skinny neck and feel it is a little snug. Some
one else might want to add an extra 5 stiches. I also added the
ruffling. 3x extra stitches knit one row, decrease.

and yet another cowl:

In other news.....

Little Mickey continues to be fun and naughty. He is
not that little anymore. He has longish hair and Joey insists
on calling him Fluffy. I call him McFluff ....

That's about tomorrow.....yuck!

Have a fun, knitful week dear blog readers.


martha said...

Little McFluffy looks like a prince in every picture I see of him. He is always reclining in the playboy pose!! HA!

Janine said...

I am so glad I rescued this little guy, along with his brother!!! I love him to bits!!!