Sunday, January 23, 2011

Warm Accesssories

So so cold outside this week in Western NY... guess
that is what makes nice warm accessories so
appreciated. I finished up two pair of fingerless
mitts for Tiffany's friend.

They ar really a quick knit...about 6 hour per pair,
and so so easy.

And the Cascade 220 Superwash is so nice - soft and
squishy and WARM.

Tiffany and I have now watched all three Twilight
movies. They are pretty entertaining. I have one
Bella mitten done

yarn = Clasic Elite Duchess which I think is discontinued.
Size 8 needles.

As soon as Tiffany saw one mitten 1/2 done she
knew she wanted a pair.

Guess what color she wants...Fuschia....
I was able to find some Duchess yarn on EBay in a
nice fuschia color. That should be here tomorrow.
So, I will make her pair, then finish up my other one.
They are actually pretty quick.

Tiffany finished up her scarf, so soft.....
and she did a really nice job. It is for her friend Mary.

She liked it so much, she decided to knit a scarf for
her friend Felicia in the same sort of fluffy yarn...

guess what color the new one is...yes, you guessed

When she took Vicky's fingerless mitts another friend
Terry was there and decided she wanted a pair...
guess what color (insert puke here) fushchia !

LOL...Terry may have to wait a while.

I'm working on Wayfarer scarf and some socks that are
not picture worthy right now.

Ruth and Martha are both making socks...

Ann Hanson pattern in some Berrocco yarn

Martha socks in some "watercolor" yarn that Ruth
got her a while ago.

Brigit pattern

Abbey loves being out in the snow,but gets depressed that
no one wants to go out and play with her....

Joe has taught Mickey how to play "fetch". Yes!
Joe throws Mickey a rolled up piece of paper,
Mickey chases it,and bring it back so Joe will throw
it again.
He is just waking up from a nap in this picture.

Have a nice knitful week, dear blog readers. Stay warm and
keep knitting those accessories!

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