Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year !

Happy New Year!
I'm having a bit of computer trouble so no pictures.....
Knitting: 1 sock done and 1 sock 1/4 done....not bad.

I also started a scarf in Jared Flood's Wayfarer pattern.
Started in his yarn but decided I wanted to use some yarn
purchased at Rhinebeck instead. Its looking very cool so far.

I'm trying to decide if I have any knitting goals for 2011.
I guess if I don't have any yet.....I may not.

I do want to do a few things differently. I want to start 2011
Holiday projects now. But, didn't I do that last year?

I want to do some fun knitting for me this year, and some
swatching with new techniques. It seems like I say that
every year, and the next thing I know, another pair of
socks are going.

Tiffany moved back home and I washed all of her handmade
socks for her. I was impressed with how many nice ones she had!
I was hand washing them in the sink and Joey said ugh! why are you
doing that? I told him that for as long as it takes me to make a pair,
it's worth it to me to handwash them so they last longer.

(Think back to the two pair I had this year with blown out heels, which
I think was caused by the spinner in the washing machine).

Hope to have a more interesting post next week.

Happy Knitting.

What are your 2011 Knitting Goals?

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