Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snowy Week = Knitty Week

Snow Snow Snow....which means lots of knitting time for me
this week.

Tiffany finally stood still long enough so I could get pictures
of the beret/scarf I made for her for Christmas. She told me
this was her favorite present....

Reminder this is the smocked lace scarf pattern from
the book Knitting 24/7.

The color is bright fushia (official name guava) -
color stinks in these pictures

I'm so happy she likes it - makes is all so worth while!

Mickey happened to stroll by for the photo shoot....

He is so cute.....and so naughty!

I finished up Joe's socks this week.

Yarn is Sock yarn from Green Mt Spinnery - Heels and
toes are Regia Bamboo.

Mock cable on each side for some 'flair'......The yarn has a
sturdy feel - not real soft, but very very nice. He likes that
kind to wear in his work boots.

I did notice that all of the socks I have made for him lately, except
the red pair are blue. I have some brown yarn set aside for him -
I guess those will be his next pair.

I started a pair for me from yarn Martha gave me for
Christmas - Kangaroo dyer. Too new on the needles
to photograph.

I made a pair of "fetching" fingerless gloves for our friend
Vicky four years ago whenI was between jobs and she requested
two new for her and one for her sister in law.
She said she wore them out!

I added an extra cable on the bottom. I actually finished
them up since this picture was taken. Cascade 220 Superwash
Wool - my new favorite yarn.

Only downside is, she wanted black. ugh, two pairs in

Have about 12" or so done on the Wayfarer scarf. I am doing the
same two-row repeat now until 36" completed.

I have decided to knit the Bella mittens found on ravelry.
Found out after I found the pattern they are modeled after
"Bella" on Twilight movies.

Got some nice Classic Elite Duchess yarn at a little yarn
shop in Medina while visiting mom and dad this weekend.

Also picked up some nice red Louet Gems sock yarn while I was there.

Anyway, Tiffany and I decided we needed to see what this whole
Twilight thing was about so we watched the first movie tonight, and
have the 2nd one for tomorrow. It was actually quite entertaining.

Tiffany dug out her scarf she has been working on for a few years
and started knitting - she is doing a wonderful job. Straight knitting
with a fuzzy yarn that is oh so soft!

Ruth has been working on some nice socks that she said would probably
be done by this evening.....A high nylon, wool blend.

I cleaned out my knitting chest this weekend. Threw out alot
of odds and ends...why I was saving them I don't know. Now
my yarn is sort of organized. My chest is full, but I don't feel
like I have tons of yarn, even though I do....
hard to explain to a normal person, but a knitter would understand!

Have a fun week, dear knitters......

Stay warm!

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lilchika said...

Nice job , 40 something too and knitting for some peace of mind , from nyc too. love you blog