Sunday, November 10, 2013

One to go

The first babyshower was today. Second one
is next week. Boy or girl?  Who knows?
I was I give the mom to be, Christina,
both sweaters, or one or?  So I decided to
give her the boy sweater, camo colored, and
added this note:

I think she liked it.

She absolutely loved the blanket Tiffany made for her!!!

it is so soft, and such a nice looking stitch pattern:

K2, P1 and she switched colors every 2 rows.

Did I mention how soft it is? and how nice it washed up?
Size 13 needle, and not sure of the yarn...purchased at JoAnn's.

she was going to make one for next Sunday, but just does not have the time.

I am making good progress on the sweater for next Sunday. I figure
I have enough yarn left for 1/2 sleeve and then will have to buy more...
UGH x 100000000

that round thing in the back is a hat...might as well get that going until
I get yarn for the sleeve.  because of the way I started it, i am purling
the hat and then will flip it inside out so the pretty side will flip up. I'm
sure there was a better way to do it, but it was late at night when
I started it, and this will work..

I am really sick of these baby projects, and have a new project in
mind that I can't wait to start.

Ruth and Martha are having a sister weekend in no blog
updates from them.  Ruth has been working on socks for her granddaughter
on stretchy yarn, and Martha was finishing up her sweater....hopefully
updates from them next week..

In other news, this is what I saw Friday morning when the sun was
coming up:

I didnt think it could get any prettier, until I looked to out back to the North...

The sun was gloriously highlighting the tips of the corn and the trees.

Have a good week...happy knitting.

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