Sunday, November 16, 2014

Its' been two weeks...(:

Two weeks since I've worked on knitting a sock.
I've never gone that long before...LOLOLOL

Finished up the fingerless mitts. Added the buttons today.
Churchmouse Welted Fingerless Gloves pattern.

6 welts, and 3 buttons.
I started another pair.  Churchmouse used to have a free pattern fingerless
gloves, now they charge for them. Awfully cute.  So I am making my own
up using their pictures.  They start out with wide stripes and go to skinny ones.
I am doing ribbing rather than welts for these. The colors did not show up
well in the pic.  The tan color is Louet Gems color linen. It has pink undertones.
The cranberry is Shibui.  Both are very similar, fingering weight.
I started out with 72 stitches, way too big. Went down to 64, still too much.
Now I am using 60 and its seems perfect. I'm almost ready to start
the thumb gusset.

Also worked on a hat this week, but not that special to show.

Ruth is busy working on her sweater. It is beautiful !
She washed and blocked this section.  I saw it in person this week,
it is a lovely shade of gray. Just lovely.

Martha is putting her Cookie A sock aside, and working on baby stuff.
her is the first sock done. Love the colors:

Here are sleeves of the Inky Dinky baby sweater she is working on.   and about 1.5 " of the body. The hat was knitted with the yarn she bought last year at Rhinebeck.  She will knit more hats. 

Thw sweater yarn is Blue Ridge Tango. Apple Rose Colorway.
Wont it be adorable on that new little girl!

Check out the baby sleep sack she made.

One lucky baby with great Aunts like Ruth and Martha..
don't you agree !
Knit on !

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