Sunday, November 2, 2014


It rained all day Saturday and snowed at night.
Perfect perfect knitting weather.  I thought if I had tons
of time today, I would get the 2nd sock done, but alas,
that did not happen...yet, anyway.

So done and blocked for next week's blog..for sure!

Ruth is working away on her sweater ( I do not know name) it is an
Amy Herzog sweater. Yarn is from Finger Lakes Fiber Fest.
Going to be so lovely.

Martha is working on socks...

Joe took me on a tour of the Holley Falls yesterday.
Well, a tour, not really; It's about 2 minutes from our house.
Lovely! Even with the rain

He has been doing leaves all day ... again! 
I hope I have more exciting knitting to share next week.
I am in full Christmas knitting mode. So glad I started early this year.

Have a wonderful week.

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