Sunday, March 15, 2015

Almost FO

The Wandering in the Souk sweater is ALMOST done...
I can taste it.  Almost done with first sleeve, then 2nd
sleeve and add buttons and fini....  I will be ready to
move on to something else.

 It looks like a jumbled mess right now...can't wait till it's blocked.!

Ruth has made little progress on her Button Box vest
made with Harrisville yarn since last post
(reminder she was traveling)

 and, she decided to take a break and knit a cute pair of mittens!
Trees mitten pattern kit from Riihvilla.

She is flying through the 2nd one already!

Martha is the most monogamous knitter of the three of us.  She starts
something and rarely wavers till its finished.  She is coming along
nicely with her Button Box vest made with Harrisville's almost done!
Color is cobalt.

 I'm dreaming of what to  knit next.....I think it will be a nice shawl (with sleeves)...
stay tuned

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