Sunday, March 1, 2015

Not much to show

When one row takes 30 minutes, there is not much progress to show.
Wandering In the Souk is just such a pattern...
 I just finished 45 rows of the pattern, and now will separate the
sleeves and it will be very plain. 
Yarn is Valley Superwash DK
(very splitty).

 These camo socks are now 8"...I think I will do one more inch before
I start the heel .....
 Cast on for a pair of socks for Mark. had to buy two skeins of KnitPicks
sock yarn (363 yards each) to accommodate his size 12 feet.  Figured I bettter
get these two big feet done, then I can work on smaller socks for Christmas.
 Martha and Ruth are coming along on their vests.
Here is Martha's.

 She has to do two more repeats to arm holes...adding short rows to get
over the "girls"....looks great!!

 Ruth's is coming along nicely also.
Both are using Harrisville yarn.

March 1st.  Icy snow here.  No wind. Does that mean its coming
in like a lamb or lion.  My instincts tell me a lamb. CRAP that means
end of month will be furious!

Stay warm blog readers...and knit on!

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