Sunday, March 29, 2015

Wandering No More

Wandering in the Souk is done!  It fits great, and it very
soft and springlike. 
 I like the little buttons.....

Now I need a cute shirt to wear underneath.

Friday night I was knitting on the cameo sock...went to
work on it Sunday morning and look at this:

A phantom must have got bored during the night and chewed
on it.  I bet the phantom's name is Mickey.  He's never done that

I was able to  finish the sock...finally.
and I patched the top ribbing best as I could. I think I have
all of the stitches...UGH x 1000000
I think Joey will love them.

I cast on for
Avana shawl  today. It calls for 134 stitches provisional cast on,
and she suggests the Invisible Cast on.  Well after three trys
it finally worked.  See the green just slip a needle
through the stitches and pull the green out. Slickest provisional
I have encountered. It was very trying getting it to work, especially
using the size 9 needle.

 I found iknits easiest provisional cast on
that worked better than video suggested in directions.


Ruth is zooming right along on her Buttonbox vest.

I saw it in person this week and it is so lovely. the yarn
has flecks of colors in it that you don't see in the pictures.
I can't wait to see it done.  Yea!

Martha finished up a pair of mismatched socks...

which look great! 

I'm so sad...I had to throw yet another pair of my socks out.
And I see another heel has a hole. I will have to patch them.
The ones I threw out were patched 2x.....  The patches don't really
last that long.  sigh...............

Have a great week....

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martha said...

I wonder if your socks would last longer if you used the other heel method?