Sunday, March 8, 2015

Couple of things

I had to repair a couple of socks again ...grrrrr
as I mentioned before I hate the process. But, saving the
socks is definitely worth it.

The sock on the left blew out an area below the toes...that
is the first time that has happened to me.  The sock on the
right blew two holes in the heel!  Reminder I handwash and
lay flat to dry all the socks.   grrrr x 2

I'm working on a couple of socks. These are no rush, kitty knitting
projects.  Sock on the left is Hawthorne yarn by Knitpicks.
I had to get two skeins to make for recipient that has size 12 feet!

Sock on the right is Panda Silk.  The top black part is ribbing and bottom
black part is the heel.  I thought if I mixed enough black in I might not
have to get more of the camo color, but I think I will need one more skein.
These are on size 0 needles.  Why am I making two kitty knitting pairs
at once?  The socks on the right are for Joey, so when he's around, I switch
to the other pair.  These are the biggest feet I have for Christmas presents,
so figured I would get them out of the way first.

 Wandering in the Souk is a couple of inches past the armhole.
I tried it on today and so far so good.  All stockinette from here.

Ruth is color coordinating a couple of things...her toes and her
socks!  She is traveling this week and got a pedi with her favorite
and her current socks are Show off Stranded Sock pattern
in Western Sky Knits, Aspen sock, cambridge colorway. I love the pattern,
yarn combo.

 She is still working on her vest.

Martha has made a couple of modifications to her vest, and
is now ready to continue.  I always admire the way she
can change things around and still make the pattern work so
she gets a good fit.

And finally, we have had a couple of sunny hours here in Western NY  -- YEA
Happy Knitting

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karen said...

we had sunshine and two walks! My husband constantly wears through hand knit socks, while I never ever have to repair any of mine....wish I knew why!