Sunday, August 2, 2015

Vacation Week

 Hey, I was on vacation this week. A staycation....
stayed home and took day trips. 

I worked on the brainless sock a lot...ready to start heel flap.

 Decided to make a hat to match the baby seamless kimono

I'm bored with it already. Notice I'm adding a nice gray
every other row to stretch out the brownish yarn that the
sweater was made from.  Baby hats are such a mystery to me.
the fit....ugh

Ruth is just about done with Hermonie's everyday sock, part 1.
I saw it in person on nice.
Cherry Tree Hill nice!
Martha is working on her 2nd sock.
She had a little blip so she ripped out (the hardest thing
EVER in knitting) and started she is on track...

She came across this cute frog when trimming today....
 Ruth and I had a playdate on Wednesday.
Went to Canandaigua Lake for lunch and relaxing.
I LOVE this picture of her...
She is the BEST !
( Note her phone: we were texting Martha!)  ha!

Check out this knitting bracelet Tiffany got me for my birthday
all knitting charms!

She found it on it

I made oreo cupcakes for family picnic yesterday...huge hit!

Joe continues to perfect his grilled chicken. Today he used
balsamic good!
Last but not least...
we had to have Abbey our dear Golden Retriever put to sleep today.
14.5 years old. She was the absolute best!
She was the Ethel to my Lucy personality - going along with whatever.
She loved us all so much..and we loved her.
Joe was her the last few weeks she grew very
agitated when she couldn't find  him...
 There will NEVER be another.

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